Friday, December 02, 2005

Flower Knitting

I wanted to share this with you Flower Children! A Nicky Knits (Knitting kit by our favorite flower girl, Nicky Epstein) kit, complete with yarn and pattern. The yarn is Alpaca with a little Acrylic thrown in (65/35). It has the pattern for the capelet (which I probably won't knit), the fingerless mittens (which I might knit), and the FLOWERS and LEAVES (which is a GIVEN). This is all the yarn that was included. The whole kit was about $50, but this is the kicker! It was at Hobby Lobby and I had an Internet Coupon for 40% off, so I got all that yarn for $30. Not bad, huh?

In other flower news, they also had books and magazines on sale, and I was able to pick up the back issue of Knit1 with the flowers in it. There are several flower embellished pieces in the magazine. I don't really love the colors that they did the flowers in, and I would prefer to use wool to WoolEase, but it's nice to have another pattern for flowers. They are knit in pieces and then put all together. I'll try to make one and see if ya'll like it.

I'm going to make a Nicky Knits flower now, so I'll post it soon.


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